How Peak Management Works

Ben Franklin said "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Peak Management does not intend to be the cheapest property management company. We intend, and we are, the most cost-effective management company. Cheap price often brings with it the bitterness of poor quality. Cost-effective management produces results. At the end of the day, it's all about your NOI. If you are looking for the highest possible NOI and the most marketable property, then Peak Management is the right management company for you. 


Cost-effective management starts with the best people and our corporate resume demonstrates the strength of our management team. The best people need the best tools to get the job done and Peak Management invests heavily in ensuring our people have the smartest tools and systems possible. All of that adds up to smarter management, more responsive management and more satisfied residents. 

We are driven to meet, then exceed the goals and objectives of our property owners. To do that we approach property management the way a conductor of a symphony orchestra approaches a complex musical score. Every detail must be considered, each part must be on pitch, in tempo and perfectly executed. Exceptional property performance is the result of painstakingly examining each of the parts that comprise the whole of a well-managed asset. 


Market Surveys. We use Market Survey Tools to ensure that we have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the market conditions your property operates in and can advise you, on the basis of the very best data available, on rent levels and occupancy rates at directly competing properties. Peak Management is the only management company in our market to employ a marketing specialist to gather and analyze data. We are in the business of leading the market and setting the trends for rental rates and occupancy. To accomplish that we analyze hundreds of possible properties and amenities to reach an unparalleled understanding of the market conditions your property operates in. 


Marketing your property. The number of ads posted each day for rental housing is overwhelming. Craiglist alone boasts that it has 80 million classified ads posted each and every month, a substantial portion of which is housing rental ads. The proliferation of real estate specific sites such as Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, Postlets and others has exploded. Getting the message out about your property has never been more challenging. At Peak Management our marketing team creates a strong brand message for your property and continuously promotes that message and your property each and every day. For every property we design and disseminate printed brochures, high-resolution photo cards, floor plans other materials that are needed to reach the widest possible audience of qualified renters for your property. 


Leasing Team. Our team of leasing experts manages leads created by our marketing department.  We measure the results from start to finish. Unique property phone numbers are used to insure we have accurate data on the number of leads our marketing generates. We monitor the time it takes to respond to a lead and each and every step in the process from lead to lease. Unique in our market is the fact that we have highly trained leasing staff showing your apartments to ensure that every prospect enjoys personal service and every possible objection is overcome leading to the highest possible occupancy rates and better resident retention. It's more effort and it costs a little more money to give this level of service but time and time again the data reveal that properties managed by Peak lease faster and for higher rents than our competitors. 

Maintenance Management. Controlling maintenance costs and providing fast service to residents are important to the overall performance of your property. At Peak, we use smart phones to dispatch our team of maintenance experts to ensure that our maintenance services are fast, efficient and well documented. Our live telephone operator takes a work order request over the phone from a resident or a resident can initiate a service request from our web site. Our service is prompt, assuring resident retention and our expertise ensures that it's done right the first time, at the best possible cost.  As soon as the work is complete, with the touch of a button the maintenance technician updates the work order in our systems, all from their smart phone. This saves travel time, ensures a timely response to a resident request and creates a lasting database of work performed at your property. All of that adds up to cost savings for you. That's smarter maintenance management. 

Peak uses PropertyWare as the core program. PropertyWare automatically synchronizes with our smart phone maintenance system and with leasing and marketing systems to provide the most up-to-date information possible, all in real-time. As an owner you can login and view all of the leasing activity, maintenance activity and every financial transaction at your property 24/7.

Resident Portal. The resident portal, accessed from our web site. Not all properties have this feature, but it is an option for you. Via the Resident Portal your residents can renew a lease electronically, make a rental payment and fill out a maintenance service request, all from their home computer, tablet or smartphone. The resident portal makes it easier to pay rent, resulting in faster payments from a totally secure online system and it keeps residents happy by offering them more ways to pay. Residents can also check their balances online and create automatic monthly rent payments which means you get paid faster. It saves time, saves money and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Peak's Accounting Team. One look at our company resume is all it takes to understand the strength and capacity of our accounting team. Peak Management provides the strongest possible financial management services to ensure that every cost is scrutinized, every process is monitored and evaluated to produce the most cost-effective management services anywhere. No management company in New Mexico can match the experience, education and ability of the accounting team at Peak. 

Smart safety programs for leasing staff. Exclusive to Peak Management, and in fact designed especially for us by D.C. Diaz is Show-Safe. Our leasing agents are never out of contact with our office and if they encounter any problems during a showing of your property, we know about it instantly. Keeping our staff safe, keeping your property leased, that's smarter management.



The most efficient way to produce anything is to bring together under one management as many as possible of the activities needed to turn out the product. - Peter Drucker

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