About Peak Management

Our Mission 

Provide our clients with the best possible service and highest standards of integrity.  


One of the more important factors contributing to quality of life is housing. Housing is a basic need and has one of the biggest impacts on people’s well-being and quality of life.  It is impossible to overestimate the importance of your home as one of the principal sources of retreat, relaxation and social interaction in our leisure time.

For Prospective Residents

For those who are looking for convenience and a better quality of life, our managed apartment communities are just the places you need. Both inside and out, these apartment homes ensure that every day is as close to perfection as can be.

 For Property Owners

We are not cookie-cutter managers at Peak. We don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Peak has the best educated, most highly trained staff of management experts in New Mexico. As the pace of change and complexity of the rental housing management environment increases, we continually evaluate and improve our systems and your property.

Professional people produce professional results. From CEO to receptionist, every member of Peak's management team has undergone the most rigrous industry training and acquired professional standing. Every member of the Peak Managment team suscribes to the highest standards of practice and code of ethics. 

The most important factor in meeting our fiduciary duties to our client's is our strongly held ethical beliefs that we will never engage in any acitivity which could place our interests in conflict with the interests of our clients. We don't accept payment from activities that could be construed as against our client's interests such as resident application fees or late rent fees. Those fees are passed to the property and we do not collect any management fees from those sources of income. Our maintenance and leasing services are not profit centers for Peak Managment. We simply pass through the costs associated with such staff. 

We consistently go over and above our contractual duties to seek out every possible avenue to improve returns for our owners and satisfaction for our residents. We are constantly improving our knowledge, abilities and our use of technologies in the endless pursuit of excellence in conventional housing, homeowner association management and low-income housing. 

Please visit the Management Services page to learn more about our unique approach to quality property management. 



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